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We build for peace of mind.

At Silent Builds, we are dedicated to upholding a commitment to excellence – from picking the highest quality components, to providing the highest quality customer support.

We take immense pride in our team’s devotion to detail and precision, which allows us to confidently stand behind every one of our computers.

To ensure this high standard is maintained, all employees are trained extensively on best practices and procedures. This emphasis on innovation helps us remain competitive in today’s ever-changing world without sacrificing any quality or build time.

Additionally, we strive to build lasting relationships with customers through friendly interactions and prompt response times. By taking a holistic approach towards customer satisfaction, they continue to make strides in becoming an industry leader in the system integration community.

The Process

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1. Parts

All of your components are gathered and put in the build queue.

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2. Assembly

Your PC is meticulously assembled by a Silent Builds technician, then reviewed by a senior technician before being moved into testing.

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3. Testing

Windows is installed on your system, followed by multiple benchmark programs that are designed to heavily stress each individual component.

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4. Shipping

Cushioned by form-fitting internal foam, your new computer is double boxed for extra security and sent safely on its way to you.

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Gaming Builds

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Workstation Builds

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Home & Office Builds